PVC advantages

PVC windows and doors are built to serve many generations. This makes them an ideal choice for manufacturing fenestration products.

PVC is 100% recyclable

PVC windows have many environmental qualities such as strength, ease of maintenance, excellent energy efficiency and help reduce energy bills.

Every kilo of recycled PVC replaces an equivalent amount of new PVC on the market.

Recycling is a natural part of our responsible consumption strategy. Our PVC recovery and recycling program is one of the ways we are reducing our environmental footprint.

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For every kilo of PVC recycled we reduce CO2 emissions by 2 kilos.
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PVC can be recycled up to 7 times.
All our fenestration products meet the standards set by : Energy Star, the government energy saving program, LEED, for green building, AAMA, for performance standards.
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Energy efficiency, sustainability, energy savings

CONCERTO The only windows tested to -30° C

4500 opening and closing cycles

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Air infiltration at 20° C
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Water penetration resistance at 20° C
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Air infiltration at -30° C

These tests equivalent to the following?

12 times a day every day
86 times per week
375 times per month
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Testing laboratory and test benches integrated in the THERMOPLAST plant where PVC profiles are extruded to manufacture CONCERTO windows. The continuous improvement of our window systems involves energy efficiency, durability, safety and even design.

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All our window systems are ENERGY STAR® qualified and have been tested to the structural standards specified in the applicable building codes. They meet and some models even exceed the most stringent standards in the industry. Some conditions may apply according to the options selected.

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Be reassured in your choice and the comfort of your home for years to come.

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